Anykščiai definately was one of the most disapointing and unlucky for me. In the morning it was a bit freezing chilly and when we arrived it was quite cold. it was wet, cold, slippery. Start was in not very good place, in the sand. it was quite hard to do very good warm up, because it was cold, wet and a little bit windy.

Lets go to start, in my fence 150-250 was only 3 people and I was happy that finally no one will make me trouble starting with me. Only top 3 youngsters. 3,2,1 here we go… I was second then to quite big asphalt uphill I become was a little bit first after about 2km I attacked and become 1st with like 10s gap and then… Someone suddenly turned right and  knocked down me. I had really big crash, because I was riding with TOP 100 about +40km/h. All my right leg a little bit left leg, both elbows was bleeding, what a pain, but I had a lot of adrenaline, so I didnt felt almost anything. So, fixed my bike and realised all podium and about TOP 10 is far away. My motivation decreased, but I started time trial, reached some guys that was in top 15, had another crash in very very slippery part of course with a corner. Reached top 15 again, attacked group when it was like 2-3km left till finish. Lost 9th place for one guy. And Im 10th, hmm TOP 10 isnt bad, but i wanted podium or at least TOP 5. Oh, whatever and I made the best that I could do with almost zero motivation to keep riding. Thats all

Better luck me next time,


Here is me after finish

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So, today we’ve been in Alytus and I think it was quite interesting and surprising day. So usually in our group is 1996 and 1997 years, but for this race they changed group to 97 and 98, so I had much more chances to win. ABout course… it was normal temperature, quite warm, dry, so I think it was very good for cornering, even thought, that there was like 4 corners. 1 lap – 2.5km, for us it was 10 laps and every 2 laps we had to finish for points.  1st place 5points, 2nd – 3, 3rd – 2p and 4th – 1p. In my group was like 5 mans from 97 years and some younger. We can say, that it was race that was like training. Also with us were riding some girls, 97 and younger, and few 96 and one 95.

So, I made like time trial warm up, even though that we havent took rollers, but we dont even needed. Okey, lets start from that that I was a little bit late to start, even though that no one has started I had to go 2nd row. I had not very good start, but soon I caught “leaders” and i was riding a little bit to fast so I attacked group and soon I had a gap. No one tried to catch me, maybe theey thought that in criterium is hard to attack group and even more if you’re alone. it was hard, but not so hard like in Molėtai, no steep hills or bit downhills, all course was almost flat, well some very very small hills was.  After race I had like 5×5=5 points and I was with 1 min and 20 seconds gap. I was total winner of this race. Suprising that for 97 and 98 mans there wasn’t any rewards for 1-3rd places. But that’s okey, we’ve had a photo of all us after finish, more experience in road cycling and that’s the last road race this year.

I think, that’s all,


P.S sorry no photos at the moment.

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Utena, definately is the best race that I’ve made so good in MTB XC. So, I was running tires for dry track, and I was quite surprised, that when we’ve arrived to Utena, that track was wet. I didn’t had any other tires, so I had to run theese. There was soe quite tight corners and it was very slippery. I still remember one uphill that was grassy and slippery so much. It even wasnt steep, but after corner to small downhill and very fast to uphill it was quite hard. Because I’am running road shoes I cant allways unclip my feet before corner, because it’s hard to clip it again. ANyway, I remeber that about 2 times I had to do this thing and i made it like a pro. So i realised that Im very good at uphills, because I’ve been training hard uphills, so I’ve even enjoyed uphills. i ‘ve lost seconds in downhills and in corners, but thats okey, when there’s uphill I got that seconds and even more back. Whats more, this year track was changed a bit, it hasnt got start in uphill. We started in flat area, maybe a little bit downhill, we don’t needed to run from start to uphill end and start racing.

Okey, so even thought that Im with road pedals I made amazing start. I was like second when we started and some guys passed us, but they just wanted to run first and soon I think they become tired and bye bye. It was when 2 guys attacked us. Soon we catched one guy that fall behind. i come to the front and made him to sit on my wheel then I started to ride race speed and soon he wasnt on my wheel. I tried to catch number one, but there was like 10-11seconds gap left. maybe one lap and I would catch him. From third I was like 1 min gap.

Thats all


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Tukums, Latvia

Tukums, was not in my country, it was in Latvia, near Lithuania. Route is almost up and down, up and down. Downhill is not very fast, but uphill isnt very hard. This was my biggest MTB marathon of all. Because, in Lithuania one marathon stage max number of people is like 800, well, sometimes near 900. In Latvia, Tukums it was like over 3000.

So when we arrived first started best racers, like M-18, U23. It’s good, because in Lithuania everybody starts at the same time, when you ride half marathon, it’s easier to wash your bicycles, like, if you end marathon in top 10, you almost dont need to wait in line, while stronger rides full marathon and when they finishes there they have to wait about half hour to wash their bikes in line. Tukums stronger riders starts 1 hour earlier before M16, M60 starts.So htey have plenty time to eat, recover, wash their bikes and so on…

I started from middle, in front of me like +1000 people. I dont think that I’ll win. And I was right, I was 13th after finish in M16, and in top 150.

I’ve gained a lot experience, got stronger in uphill, a little bit in downhills.

Till next time



P.S sory, no good photos from Tukums

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Ukmergė was one of the most fascinating and amazing race of my small career in cycling. Everything was great, from route, to results. Ukmergė is not far away from Panevėžys, so we do not needed to stay at Ukmerge. After Molėtai coach promised me that I’ll have everything I need if I’ll be after leader 1 min. I was second, but the gap was +50 seconds.

On sunday we kicked off at 12 start for me was 16, so I had plenty of time to check that everything is ok, ride a race route and so on.My bike was still that legendary Fausto Coppi. When I arrived to start one of arbiters read loud “Fausto Coppi” heh, that was quite funny for me, so I was waiting start with smile in my face. When it left about 0-20m till finish I pulled my muscle. ohhh, that was terrible, I think that I lost 1 second. After I finished I read results Im 5th… 1 second behind 4th. i think I was drinking not enough water and I got not enough salt.

Sunday, I read that it will be 68km, but after finish everybody said that it was 72km. Well 4km is almost nothing, but… So right from the start 2  cyclists atacked group. Soon group cought them. I was in middle of group and i have seen 1 guy attacking group, so we attacked both. And after few km we it was like 30 seconds gap. And it increased, max gap was 3:49. Legs were great and he said, that he’s 4th in TT. Letting 2 TT specialist ride away is very big mistake.When it was only ~30km till finish my mate was exhausted and did not finished. He was not eating and drinking enough. Lefst about 8km I still had +3 mins gap and I was moving like 5 people chasing group. That was also amazing. So, I finished with +3 minutes gap, on asphalt was words like “Go Go Go”. I was so tired, that I even could’nt  rise my hands. Everybody was happy, after chasing group arrived, my mate from Panevėžys took 2d place. It was very good race for me. To win is hard, to win with my steel bike (10kg) is very hard.



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This gallery contains 6 photos.

Few days before race I have got a new bike, okay, not new, used a lot, but It was better than my old one, It was called Fausto Coppi, it was legendary bike, in his years it was one of … Continue reading

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Hey everybody

Today I decided to start writing blogs about my sport/hobby – Cycling. I started training in ~ 2011.09.01. My discipline is: Mountain Biking, Track Cycling and Time trial (I dont like road cycling, because Im not very good at finishing, eventhough I have 1st place). I’ll write about my races, and I’ll start from Molėtai time trial where I have won my first medal.


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