Utena Time Trial

I think that it was the best race in my life. Why? I’m going for European Youth Olympic Festival no 1 in time trial category.

That was amazing day for me. All effort, training hours was worth it. I was so nervous before the race, that I’ve had to calm myself often. It was hard to concentrate that day, because of nervousness.  So, because Utena is not very far from Panevėžys, we’ve had a lot of free time in the race morning.  And because of waiting I’ve started being nervous without any reason. We’ve gone to Utena. My Trek Madone 5.9 was ready so am I. I’ve started warm up on rollers near referee and one of them told me to move from their sight because I was disturbing their work. I was angry. Took my rollers and went away. Warm up was hard, really hard. I’ve been thinking how I’m going to race if even warm up is so hard for me. I was in rush before the race, I’ve not regulated my helmet, and so on… Went to the start. Coach wished me good luck told me what I’ve to do and start. There was small uphill (for me only I think) and i went quite powerful without a lot of effort. Well coach told me that I was going quite hard uphill. And let’s start the race after 2km. I was hard, really hard to go somehow from nothing, with empty legs.  It was strange how I’m going with empty legs, no pain… Nothing. Maybe because I was breathing properly, that no acid could form in legs. Anyway, I was pedalling 90-110rmp with 46×14 rarely with 46×15. Somehow downhills was harder than up hills. Going totally from nothing to finish. I’m dead, my out of breath, I can’t even ride with smallest gear after this. After 5 mins of recovery ride came down back to coach and they said that my time was the best of all at the moment. And all of strongest time trialists have ended the race before I’ve started. 13’28…44,5km/h, second was 14’08. Now I’m delighted that I’ve done my task. I’m going for festival.Second day was group race, but I was doing stupid things, like when it was only 2km or less left I’ve went to the end of group somehow… Well, gone ultra powerfull uphill finish, about 300m and become 7th. One guy almost made me to crash in corner to finish and I’ve got my rear wheel slipped on sand (I think organizators should make at least finish clean and safe to finish. I do not as them to clean everything, but they can clean sand before the finish on the corner. ) Well If I would have started to finish from top 10 I might have been on podium that day. I’m sprinter! From about 28th position to 7th in uphill sprint you’ve to go quite powerful in uphill.

Well I’ve learned from my mistakes and some of others. So, I’m looking forward for new starts this year.

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