New season – 2013

I havent got enough time to write anything here, so now, before Kaunas marathon Im going to say few things. First of all, I’ve been training really hard for this year, because of European Youth Olympic Festival 2013 in Utrech. So this season I’m going to do the best I can to be the best. And… I did it. Well, about that a little bit later.

Lets start from the 2013 years beginning. First my competition was in Panevėžys Physical Preparation contest. I was second… That”s quite sad, because I was training really hard, but I lost for sprinter, who got a lot of points in 60m sprint and jump. But I’ve done the best time of all in 1km: 2:59. +7 seconds for 2nd place. If we would analyse last year, I’ve gone way faster +10 seconds. I’m proud of my self.

Then I’ve gone to training camp in Spain. That was really hard month mountains, downhill, average speed in mountains 30km/h at least. Climbs 10km going 24km/h… About 3-4/5. After training camp I’ve gone back to Lithuania and was surprised, that the biggest mountains = nothing compared with Spain. Of course Now I’ve benefit against others in Lithuania mountains. And that was proved.

First race! Latvia, Dobele. I’m sad that I couldnt try my best in Time Trial 10k, but I’ve gone for second day – group race. There was attack of 7 people and I wasn’t in attacking group… That was sad. I’ve finished 10th, that means 3rd from peleton. That was my strategic mistake. I tought that it will be another unsuccesful attack, I was wrong. But this race wasn’t really important for me at all.

Welcome to Jonava – Important group race… 2 days of trying your best here for points to go to Utrecht. First day was a little bit chilly, quite good conditions for me, cold, sometimes rain, first day. Lets start the race! one mistake, Klaipėda racing team attacked, 3 people, all from Klaipėda. All Lithuania is just riding and waiting for someone to work. I’m trying the best to catch them all… I don’t have enough power to catch them alone. I attack in the last small, but steep mountain when the speed is really low, after several monutes they catch me… it was another mistake. I forgot that after that climb is decent downhill. And here it comes counter -attack. At really low speed, Im almost dead, but I still try my best and I have gap. Let’s turn on time trial mode. Going quite hard, starts raining… Ideal… I catch one guy, that had gap of about 1 minute, he’s from Klaipėda. he attack before my attack. He sit’s on my wheel, tries to attack so weak, that I even don’t have to catch him. I start going 95% all I can. He is still sitting, I’m waiting… I’m alone. Going full gas. I can see them.. 100 m gap… Finish… I’m 4th. 12seconds gap. I’m 4th. Actually that’s not very bad.

Day 2. It’s really cold today. Even I can feel it. I’ve got new bike – trek Madone 5.9. Let’s start the war… Last lap, attack because everybody was going really slow and nobody even attack… Maybe they’re saving… Everybody is really passive. I’m going full gas. I’m dead. There is small gap, I’ve few people with me, one of them from Latvia. He’s chilling, not working. Soone group catch us. I’m recovering, nobody expects anything from me… But… ATTACK! In uphill. I’m going full gas and more crash after me… I’m with one from Klaipeda. I’ve the gap of 30 seconds. Soon another group attack and cought us. There are about 10 people in attack group. I’m angry because they’re not working. I’ve started shauting at them and so on… Some of them started working. I’m turning time trial mode, and minus 4 people from our group. we’re six now. Attacked last time I’m dead, but I’m 5th.

I think that I’ve done the best I can, went full gas. Done what I’ve could without team.

Utena Time Trial… The most important race for me. I’m super nervous.

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