Europe Elite track championschip 2012, Panevėžys DAY 1

As you can see from the title this race was only for elite racers, so I was too young and I could not to start, but I had tickets from coach, so I could watch this event. This event was one of the biggest events for our city, everything was very good organised. I was quite disapointed, that there wasn’t so many people before 19:30PM in qualification ride. But the closer evening and finals is coming, the more people are in Cido arena. I’m writing this post second day, because only now i thought, that I can write about Track EU Champ. So first day I made training and after that I come to Cido arena to watch this event. In the evening was finals, so I think, Ill write about finals, because it is much more interesting than qualification ride. Atmosphere was so good, even for foreigners there was some noise, and when riders from our country had to ride, there was so big noise, that we could not to talk each other and commentator had to speak much much louder. The biggest noise was when our country womens Aušrinė Trebaitė, Vilija Sereikaitė and Vaida Pikauskaitė gave us first medals  medals – gold medals in 3km command pursuit and become Europe Champions!!! That was our first medals i think, but what’s more… Simona Krupeckaitė and Gintarė Gaivenytė gave us second gold medals in command sprint!!! I think for first day it was excellent show. These woman’s gave us euphoria, delighting and very big joy. i hope there will be more medals. i think that’s all.


Some info, photos you can find here:

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