Season end

Time flies, eh… I didnt know, that time can go so fast. First year as cyclist, had so many amazing moments with team: amazing atmosphere in race, interesting courses, many new friends all across Lithuania. This year was first and in my opinion it was very very good and interesting year. My life changed so much when I started cycling. Everything from nutrition to my body muscularity and so on. Why this year was so good in my opinion? Well, you see, Im cyclist only first year, like others are cycling over 4 and more years so I think I was a little bit late to start cycling, okey not a little bit, about 2-3 years. I could reach much much more, because  I was addicted to cycling so many years back from now and now Im addicted to cycling and everyday I can’t live without my bike. I just want to ride ride ride, so in conclusion Im very very excited and enthusiastic. It doesnt matter what bike you ride, if you’re good you may win with a little bit worse bike. But you can’t say that you can win with bad bike, because, you know, like if you have bad tires, heavy bike weight, your gears is not working, thats is one of the most important things in MTB XC and if you don’t control your bike very good you may lose your race, not just podium. Also, this season I have won so many races, get so many experience, felt amazing when I have won, and not very good when I didnt even ended the race, met new friends, amazing people.

So, Im really looking forward for next season.

P.S about Žemaitijos taurė race, i thought that this race is not very important for me so i thought that Ill end race season bcause i need to fully repair my bike etc. Mine Suntour XCM was not even rebounding and I had to push so hard just that it would amortizate. In repair shop they said that Suntour spring may be broken or lockout is not working or any other problem. They said that they do not know what’s wrong with this fork and only after few days they could say what’s worng with this fork. If repair would cost too much I dont think that i will even repair it. Im looking for a new bike or used.

Thats all

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2 Responses to Season end

  1. Christoph says:

    Why zemaitijos taure is not important for you? You like a star didnt going to every race? Do you best in your town?

    • venantas says:

      First, if I would start in Žemaitijos taurė, it wouldn’t change anything. I would not get points, that is needed for us. Second, I wanted to end my season faster and get concentrated to winter training, also I was a little bit tired mentaly and physically from cycling. Third, after unlucky Anykščiai I did not wanted to hurt myself, because track was quite slippery, and when I read, that in some sections i can reach 60km/h I did not wanted to risk. Also, I did not registered before the start, so I would have to pay a little bit more 🙂

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