Utena no2

Utena No 2 race was quite good for me. Everything started yesterday, I still had abrasions on my elbow, legs. That was not very good for, me but this is the race, also it is the end of season. Coach said that there’s updated part of track, one quite steep and hard uphill that I dont liked, because it was slippery with some roots, tree branches, some unknown plants and so on. Also, 1 quite hard downhill, because my XCM that is counting I think his last days was like rigida, so I had very weak and tired arms after downhill.

So, I was not feeling like I would like or even could to race, I think It was reason of weakness during warm up and whole race. Even riding slow warm up was a little bit hard to me, I thought how can i made this if Im not feeling very welll, but there was no way out, so I had no decision. Eximining track was quite intresting, because i could compare my Kross A2 with Orbea S30 (I think I right). Half track I had to ride standing, because it was hard to sit in your saddle. I think full suspension would be advantage in 2/3 course, but disadvantage in uphill. So, come to first start line was quite serious, not a person who would like to joke or talk. Before warm up I was quite relaxed and during warm up and before race i was serious a little bit nervous and that was a very good sign for me if i will wont do any mistakes. Come from start like 5th in the uphill was 4th in the end of that short uphill (uphill I think is my strongest point) 3rd. Soon 2nd and I guy in the back of me attacked me in very bad condition uphill. I was sitting on his wheel like 1km and after another uphill I could not take any more. I had like 15 second gap about 1,5 lap and then he started moving away. I had almost no energy to catch him. That’s sad, but I had like +30 seconds gap from 4th and i felt a little bit confident. in the last 2,5 laps i thought that I’ll die It was so hard, even harder than in Molėtai Time Trial. Also, after uphills and bumpy sections my lower part of back started to hurt. Sometimes pain was even bigger that in my legs. Only in short and flat areas my pulse was lower than 17, like 160. Everything else was like 170-190 beats per minute. Well I think so, because I dont have pulsometre, and i analyse my breathing and feelings. Had 3 little crashes, but everything because I could not even hold tight my handlebars. After, so it was super hard and i came 3rd. 2nd and first had photo finish. interesting first that season ending race had better prizes than our “world championships”.

Cheers, season is almost ending, left only one race that I can even dont ride, but I think I’ll ride.


P.S when Ill find some photos ill upload them.

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