Anykščiai definately was one of the most disapointing and unlucky for me. In the morning it was a bit freezing chilly and when we arrived it was quite cold. it was wet, cold, slippery. Start was in not very good place, in the sand. it was quite hard to do very good warm up, because it was cold, wet and a little bit windy.

Lets go to start, in my fence 150-250 was only 3 people and I was happy that finally no one will make me trouble starting with me. Only top 3 youngsters. 3,2,1 here we go… I was second then to quite big asphalt uphill I become was a little bit first after about 2km I attacked and become 1st with like 10s gap and then… Someone suddenly turned right and  knocked down me. I had really big crash, because I was riding with TOP 100 about +40km/h. All my right leg a little bit left leg, both elbows was bleeding, what a pain, but I had a lot of adrenaline, so I didnt felt almost anything. So, fixed my bike and realised all podium and about TOP 10 is far away. My motivation decreased, but I started time trial, reached some guys that was in top 15, had another crash in very very slippery part of course with a corner. Reached top 15 again, attacked group when it was like 2-3km left till finish. Lost 9th place for one guy. And Im 10th, hmm TOP 10 isnt bad, but i wanted podium or at least TOP 5. Oh, whatever and I made the best that I could do with almost zero motivation to keep riding. Thats all

Better luck me next time,


Here is me after finish

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2 Responses to Anykščiai

  1. Ema says:

    Kodel justui parasei kad esi super zvaigzde? Why do you say that you are superatar for Justas?

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